Help Amelia Matters support children with Congenital Heart Disease

Coffee mornings

A coffee morning is a great idea to raise money for charity while doing something everyone loves, eating, drinking and having a time to relax and talk! This works with a large group of people, either held at work, school or possibly in your local community hall, selling tea, coffee and cakes of any kind.

You can also run a smaller-scale coffee morning in your own home. Invite your family, friends and neighbour’s around, and don’t forget to tell them all about our worthy cause.

Run for Amelia Matters

Are you a sporting person who enjoys demanding physical activity such as local runs, marathon runs or extreme sporting events?


Whilst following your passion for your sport you can help raise money for Amelia Matters and support children with Congenital Heart Disease by participating with sponsorship for our charity!

Fundraising Event at School

Kids love any excuse not to have to wear their school uniforms. It’s no wonder sponsored dress down or fancy dress days are some of the most popular days of the year!

You can raise money fundraising for our cause by holding a special dress or wear red day in support of the all children who live with a congenital heart disease. On the fundraising day, pay a set amount (usually £1) and get to wear something other than their school uniform.

Ideas include:

  • Fancy dress
  • Dress down (non-uniform day) Wear Red
  • Halloween dress-up party
  • Christmas dress-up

Sponsored car wash

A sponsored car wash is a great way to raise awareness and money in the local community!  

Fundraising Evenings

Organise a social gathering or formal evening to raise funds for Amelia Matters!

Amazon Smile

Help raise money for Amelia Matters when you shop with Amazon.