Amelia Matters

Finlay’s Story


This is Finlee’s story as told by his Grandparents

Finlee Thomas Grimshaw (DOB : 18.09.2009) – aged 2 years and, what an eventful two years it has been!

This is our story of Finlee living with Pulmonary Atresia with Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD).

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Isla’s Story

When my husband and I went to my anomaly scan at 21 weeks I was so excited to see how much our baby had grown since our earlier scan and this being my 2nd baby, I knew how much baby’s grew and how amazing this scan was!

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Post Fontan

Post Fontan Amelia’s diagnosis after her Fontan; Tricuspid Atresia, Hypolpastic right ventricle, HRHS (Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome), small right atrium, enlarged left atrium, LBBB (left branch bundle block) T Wave irregularities, Small arteries, Absent SMA (superior mesenteric artery) VSD, large ASD, Pulmonary stenosis of the left artery, a pinch in […]

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Paul’s Words

Paul’s words Our Daughter Amelia Isabel Hine was born on 29th September 2006. She was born with a form of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), a condition known as Tricuspid Atresia. Tricuspid Atresia is one of the rarest, most complex of Heart Conditions, affecting 8 out of every 100,000 births in […]

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Lisa’s Words

Lisa’s words Amelia’s congenital heart condition is very rare: Tricuspid Atresia, (she has no tricuspid valve and she has a hypoplastic right ventricle) also a VSD(Ventricular Septal Defect) large ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) Mild Pulmonary Stenosis, (narrowing of the pulmonary valve). Pulmonary obstruction and pinch. Mitral Regurgitation. Type 1b Tricuspid […]

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