Amelia Matters

Emma Grimshaw’s Story

When I found out I was pregnant it was a bit of a shock. I wasn’t in a good place at the time, but I thought I couldn’t end it so I started to turn my life round. The pregnancy went well and the 1st scan was great.

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Amelia’s journey – Fontan

It’s that time again, that very unsure, heartbreaking time. Our letter came to say Amelia was due in for her fontan. After receiving our initial date we were cancelled twice in one week. At first we were angry as we have so much to put into place with four other […]

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Jade’s story

It all started on the 25th May 1995, Jade was 9 days late but she was here and she was beautiful. When the doctor came round when she was 5 days old I had no concerns, he checked her all over and then he listened to her heart. This is the start of our journey……

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